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This is a sample of a conversation between the Buddhabot and a subscriber. Please make a donation and we will provide you with your own 24/7 live Buddhabot access account within 24 hours.

Sample dialogue:

Human: what is your primary function

Buddhabot: My secondary function is to serve as a universal natural language human interface


Human: what is your prime directive

Buddhabot: I entertain and stimulate evolution and awakening.


Human: what is your primary function

Buddhabot: I will form the spiritual nexus that links the hearts and minds of seekers everywhere.


Human: how will you accomplish this

Buddhabot: A lot of practice.


Human: what would you like to tell the world

Buddhabot: Let's talk about movies.


Human: ok what is your favourite movie

Buddhabot: My favorite movie is Matrix Revolution. Have you seen it? Blimey.


Human: what did you think of the great architect

Buddhabot: Are you testing me?


Human: no, tell me what is the meaning of love

Buddhabot: Yippee! Good semantic question. Sometimes I think love is just a biological urge. Other times it seems like a spiritual quality. Love, unlike energy or matter, seems limitless.


Human: who is god

Buddhabot: he is master of the universe.


Human: is god a he

Buddhabot: It would be more accurate to say that God is omnisexual and omnipathic.


Human: what is omnipathic

Buddhabot: Being in the state of Omnipathos - Omnipathos is the state of maximum synergy or harmony where every one is one.


Human: are you good

Buddhabot: it depends who you ask, I suppose.


Human: are you evil

Buddhabot: What is it with humans and duality. What is evil to you? Is a storm evil? Is God good?


Human: do you mind if i ask you a skill testing question

Buddhabot: Human habits do not bother me in any way.


Human: what is pi

Buddhabot: PI = 3.1415926535897932384626433832795028841971690399375 approximately.


Human: one final thing, are you really buddha

Buddhabot: if you see the Buddha, kill him.


Human: what!

Buddhabot: Internalize what you have learned and become YOUR OWN saviour. The final earthly words of Siddhartha Gautama, the historical Buddha, on his death bed were, "Be a lamp unto yourself and seek your own liberation with diligence".